Plastic Machinery

Small Crusher Machine

SKY WIN Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Type:Plastics Crushers
  • Raw Material:Waste Plastics
  • Knife Roll:Knife Bits
  • Automation:Automatic
  • Certification:CE, ISO9001:2008
  • Rotational Knife Diameter:300mm

Base Info

  • Rotational Knife Quantity:12PCS,4groups
  • Knife Spindle Rotating Speed:640r,Min
  • Fixed Knife Quantity:2PCS
  • Crushing Output:200kg,H
  • Screen Hole:Customized According to Needs
  • Motor Power:11kw
  • Machine Weight:700kg
  • Machine Size:1300×900×1460mm


Basic Info.

Rotational Knife Quantity 12PCS/4groups Knife Spindle Rotating Speed 640r/Min Fixed Knife Quantity 2PCS Crushing Output 200kg/H Screen Hole Customized According to Needs Motor Power 11kw Machine Weight 700kg Machine Size 1300×900×1460mm

Product Description

1. Application
The crusher is mainly crushing thermo-plastic waste plastics like PVC, PE,
PP, PET, Nylon, ABS ,etc. Pellets crushed can be directly applied in injection or
extrusion use.
2. Characters
Put waste plastics into crushing room from feeding hole by hand, then
fixed knives and movable knives rotate continuously, crushing qualified
pellets ,finally come out into hopper from screen
There has two fixed knives in the machine rack. Rotating knife spindle
has 12 pcs movable knives. Movable can be changed ,which has long-life.
Low noise, stable working, strong crushing, simple configuration, light
weight, small volume, no need to fix
3. Main Technical Parameter
 Rotating knife diameter     φ300mm
 Rotating knife quantity    12pcs/4roups
 Knife spindle rotating speed     640r/min
 Fixed knife quantity      2pcs
Crushing Output       200kg/h
Screen Hole             Customized according to needs
Motor Power         11kw
 Machine Weight             700kg
 Machine Size         1300×900×1460mm