Jilin Zhuoer Technology Co., Ltd

ZhuoEr Technology Co., Ltd. Of Jilin was founded in August 2010. It is located at No. 3365 Nanshan Street, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jilin City. ZhuoEr is a core technology company with independent intellectual property rights, in the following specialized areas: Zinc-nickel secondary battery and porous metal foam material development; Related production, sales, technology consultation and transfer and new energy; New materials technology research and development of high-tech joint-stock enterprises.

Jilin City New Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of ZhuoEr Technology Co., Ltd which is a municipal new metal materials R & D Base. It is located at Chemical industry Zone in Jilin City. Now It has a continuous porous metal foam factory and a secondary battery factory, both are located High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jilin City. ZhuoEr has established a close relationship with Nankai University and the Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology, which was and is full of all advantages, promoting industrial upgrading and development. The company has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification.

Company′s products include: Square & cylindrical zinc-nickel secondary batteries, more than 20 serials; Metal foam has foam Ni, foam Cu, coutinous & thin foam Cu, foam Cu-Zn, foam Ni-Fe, foam Fe-Ni-Cr, foam Ni-Cr, foam Ni-Cr-Al, more than 9 series product.

ZhuoEr is standing on the domestic with development mode and towards the world with strategic methods, and it strives to build technology in various fields, products in various type and high-tech diversified business group, contributing to the development of a new materials industry in China.