Zhengzhou Liyan Technology Co., Ltd.

Compay Introduction

"Liyan" in Chinese means "committed to the research and development. "

Zhengzhou Liyan Technology Co., Ltd. Of China is located in central China, Zhengzhou City of Henan Province---the provincial capital, where not only the birth place of the world famous Chinese Kungfu, but also gave birth to a splendid ancient technological civilization - the compass, paper, gunpowder, printing; Enter into the twenty-first century, today with the rise of China′s economic power, the people are creating a modern version of material civilization myth with the tenacity and spirit same as in the ancient myth of "Kua Fu", "Foolish Old Man".

Zhengzhou Liyan Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in 1998, the group owned this company mainly engaged in Research and Development, producing and promoting drying equipment, water treatment equipment, general equipment and instrumentation. We long-term commitment to development and production in the field of low-temperature drying, vacuum drying, spray drying, fluid drying, coal drying, oil sludge drying technology and the field of water treatment (purification, softening, desalination), recycled water reuse, wastewater treatment(anaerobic treatment technology, aerobic treatment technology), sludge processing (extraction, dehydration, dring), and has acquisition of 35 patents; We also made great achievements in R & D, design, producing processing and construction building in the large equipments field of low temperature vacuum freeze-drying and weight measurement, low concentration extracting and drying, multi-loop high temperature and high viscosity quick drying, multi-layer multi-level multi-effect drying equipment, which are reached the world advanced level, with annual sales of 490 million US dollars.

Currently we are expanding with 12 million RMB investment, to establish the largest machinery equipment producing base in central part of China with an annual production capacity of 2 billion US dollars.

Our business purpose is " Research & Seek customer needs, R&D product, research & found customers, Research & develop the market", provide customized solutions and products with the lowest operation cost, most reliable quality and the most efficient producing.

Value-added services is from the heaty communication, we are willing to listen to all the questions about drying and water treatment. If you are experiencing doubts and problems about drying and water, please do not hesitate to contact us promptly, we will be ready to reply; Even though we were unable to give you the best solution, we will put your question as ours, to make every effort to find a comprehensive solution by relying on our professionalism and team strength, .

Zhengzhou Liyan Technology Co., Ltd. Of China is delighted to work with customers around the world to create a brilliant, brilliant future!