Czeffort Machinery Co., Ltd

Being a planetary extruder benchmark manufacturer, EFFORT Machinery is focused on helping customer in production-line optimization, productivity maximization, through diversified product portfolio as well as its innovative, high-quality solution for today′s dynamic marketplace

Products portfolio& service

L EFT series extruder (EFT125, EFT 150, EFT 170, EFT 190, EFT220, EFT 250)

L Main parts ( Screw, Rollers, Geared barrel )

L Roller maintenance,

What we can offer differently

L Professional solution in course of proposal, production-line design, project budget, equipment maintenance from planning to implementation of your production plans.

L Tailored extruder equipment meet your critical production needs

L Systematical training course for your on-site operator


What customers can expect:

L High quality VS Low cost extruder line

L Best feasible solution

L Flexibility for future projects

L Commitment, reliable after-sales service

With its innovation in technology, stable production, customer-oriented methodology, EFFORT should be your reliable partner in extruder application!

We sincerely look forward to your visit as well as contact
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