Jiangsu Aceretech Machinery Co., Ltd.

Top Plastic Recycling Machine Manufacturee

ACERETECH is a creative company, focusing on the technology R& D of Plastics recycling and providing the equipments and solutions for Plastics recycling, washing and re-granulation.

ACERETECH′s Plastics recycling technology mainly applied in the field of waste plastics regrinding, washing and re-granuling.

Thanks to the R& D ability and well-understanding industries′ experience, ACERETECH can provide the customized Plastics recycling solutions to customers.

ACERETECH is committed to bring more value-added benefits to maximum meet customers′ requirements with top class quality motto in every highly synchronous and standardized product and service.

Advanced Plastic Recycling Technology from Aceretech

Smart and Intelligent Control

480 customers in 93 Countries all over the World

Aceretech offers turn-key solution for each customer, and experienced engineers are available for commissioning and training work in client′s factory. Spare parts are in stock for in-time delivery.
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