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Single Shaft Shredder for Animal Carcass

Qingzhou Aoerheng International Trade Co., Ltd.
  • After-sales Service:Lifelong Service
  • Warranty:Two Years
  • Type:Cutting Shredder
  • Raw Material:Kitchen Waste Domestic Garbage
  • Structure:Top Feed
  • Knife Classification:Piece Knife Crusher

Base Info

  • Model NO.:AEHJ-15
  • Knife Roll:Solid Knife Roller
  • Automation:Automatic
  • Computerized:Computerized
  • Certification:CE, ISO9001:2008, QS, UL, GMP
  • Frame:Integral Steel Frame
  • Blade Material:9crsi
  • System:PC Automatic Control System
  • Feeding Mode:Top Feed
  • Power(Kw):18.5*2
  • Size (mm):800*620*330
  • Transport Package:Wooded Box and Bulk
  • Specification:5t,day
  • Trademark:Aoerheng
  • Origin:China
  • HS Code:84778000
  • Production Capacity:50000 Sets , Year


5.1 preparation:
before starting the machine, first check whether there are materials, sundries and jamming in the crushing chamber; before

starting the machine every day, check whether all fasteners are completely fastened, and deal with them immediately if they are loose; check

the lubrication of each rotating part before starting the machine
 5.2 start up: 
the machine and transmission parts can be started up only after the inspection proves that they are in normal condition; the

machine must only be started under no load, otherwise it is easy to damage the motor, reducer, coupling, etc; start (jog the test run first) if

there is any abnormal condition or abnormal sound, stop the start immediately, find out the cause and eliminate the fault before starting again
5.3machine operation:
When the machine is running, the maintenance personnel should often go to the side of the machine to observe the operation: whether the

machine has abnormal sound. If it occurs, first determine the position, and then stop the machine for inspection and treatment; whether the

temperature rise of the motor is too high. Under normal conditions, the maximum temperature shall not exceed 80 ºC; check whether the bolts

at the rotating part are loose. If they are loose, stop the machine immediately.
5.4shut dowu:
Before the machine stops working normally, the feeding shall be stopped first, and the crusher can be stopped only after all materials in the

standby are broken. In case of machine failure or dangerous situation, the power supply can be cut off immediately.

4.Specifications and technical parameters of double shaft shredder:
 erial number      modelTear cavity size
    Blade diameter
blade   thickness 
spindle   speed
motor   power
Tearing particle size
        1     2S0206   600×410×230              Φ200          15-3012-2511*23-300.3-0.6        2     2S0208   800×410×220                 Φ200          15-3012-2515*23-300.5-1.0        3     2S0308   800×620×330              Φ300          15-3510-2218.5*23-300.8-1.6        4     2S0310  1000×620×330              Φ300          20-4010-2222*23-301.2-2.0        5     2S0312  1200×620×330              Φ300          20-409-1630*23-301.8-2.8        6     2S0410  1000×830×440              Φ400          20-409-1637*23-302.0-3.6        7
      2S0412  1200×830×440              Φ400          20-459-1545*23-305.Enterprise certification:
Single Shaft Shredder for Animal Carcass

Single Shaft Shredder for Animal Carcass
Single Shaft Shredder for Animal Carcass